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Mary’s Free Range Chickens is proud to be family owned and operated since 1954.  Mary's son, David Pitman, is a third-generation Pitman farmer that leads the company today. David and his brothers have been taught by their father Rick, who learned from his father Don, about the importance of animal husbandry and our responsibility to protect the welfare of animals.  Learn more about your 5-Step Farmer that is making a difference, David Pitman.

Mary’s Free Range Chickens has joined the 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards Program with Global Animal Partnership.  The 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards Program structure encourages higher welfare practices and systems to the benefit of farmers, consumers, retailers, and the animals. Step 1 to Step 5+ ratings have their own requirements that must be met before certification.  To learn more about the Step 5 Program with Global Animal Partnership by clicking here.


Mary's Pasture Raised Chicken was the first product in the United States to achieve the coveted “Step 5” rating. Mary’s Free Range Chickens is proud to lead the industry with a superior animal welfare program.  Learn more about Mary's Pasture Raised Step 5 Chicken by clicking herehere.
FoodPaths - March, 2012 - There are chickens... and there are Mary's Chickens!